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Constant commitment to innovation and respect for the environment.
Our story

1967 - Gottardi SpA was founded

Waterglass production began

1989 - Sold to Unilever

The Gottardi family sold the company to the Unilever Multinational. The company became Crosfield for the first time,

1997 - Unilever sold Crosfield

With sites in Holland, England, Brazil, South Africa, USA, Indonesia and Verona to English company ICI.

2001 - Ineos Silicas Italia Spa

ICI sold its inorganic chemical businesses to English group INEOS. The company became Ineos Silicas Italia Spa.

2003 - Crosfield Italia Srl was founded

An Italian industrial group, consolidated as an inorganic chemical company, together with management, bought the Ineos site. The company became Crosfield Italia Srl.

2016 - Prochin Italia Srl

Prochin Italia Srl took control over the company by buying the majority interest of Crosfield Italia Srl.

Crosfield’s main business is silicate chemistry. Over thirty years ago in Verona they began producing waterglass. Processing and production processes were developed in close collaboration with Crosfield Ltd, a multinational leader in the silica and silicate sector. The Verona site was able to yield the maximum benefits in terms of know-how gained from one century of experience at Crosfield, which places the Italian market at disposal, along with streamlining and adapting to Customer needs.