What are silicates


In inorganic chemistry, soluble silicates are considered to be one of the most versatile and common materials, thanks to their chemical-physical characteristics. Waterglass is the most important product in terms of volume as well as fields of application. Potassium and lithium silicates are produced for applications requiring special properties. Fields of use range from the chemical industry to detergents, from adhesives to the ceramics industry, to foundry, to large scale underground works and others that we will describe below.

By nature, silicates are environmentally-friendly. When heated they only release water vapour, and if released into the environment or water, they quickly depolymerise in the form of silica compounds undistinguishable from those already found in nature. Constant attention to Customer needs along with the experience of Crosfield personnel and the commitment to research allows us to be cutting edge in the production of basic and modified silicates that fulfil the most diverse and particular market requests.