QHSE (Certifications)

Measuring performance

The “Quality Management System” is the result of an articulate and complex analysis and assessment of company processes, methods and procedures; over the years, these activities have been improved and validated with the crucial aid of personnel who are directly appointed to the operations. Management procedures and operational instructions have therefore been established, defining tasks, responsibilities and authority. At its quality control laboratory, Prochin Italia studies, researches and develops (also availing itself of pilot plants or in collaboration with customers and public bodies) new product formulations aimed at improving material application characteristics. At the same time, customer feedback is systematically analysed, making it possible to continuously assess how much the company products fulfil Customer expectations in terms of performance, quality, safety and environmental impact.


CE marking

Construction materials have been a topic of interest for European organisms, who are in charge of defining the relative criteria (directives) since 1988. As the years pass and awareness about safety increases, specific standards for specific product categories have been published, including chemical additives. The CE marking is therefore not an episodic action that the builder performs or has a third party body perform. The CE marking is an action carried out by the manufacturer which guarantees the conformity of the sold product with the laws that regulate sale within the European Community. The marking is the application of the CE marking, and on the one hand it formalises a precise and controlled production path, while also proving how the company applies a production method that is always under control.