Domestic and industrial cleaning

Domestic and industrial cleaning

Silicates in solution offer countless advantages in the formulas of detergents:

  • Protection against corrosion of the metal parts of washing machines.
  • Great buffering capacity within ph range 9 – 12.
  • Alkalinity that neutralises the acids.
  • Efficient emulsion and saponification of the oils and fatty acids.
  • Deflocculation and suspension of particulate.
  • Compensation of water hardness

Plus, silicates are not harmful to the environment and are compatible with many other raw materials for detergents. Potassium silicates are sometimes preferred in formulas with the purpose of preventing solubility issues: the formulas of industrial detergents have a higher presence of silicates.

These products are intended for important applications that entail contact with fats and oils (metal cleaning, diary cleaning, meat industry cleaning, etc.) or for special surfaces (floor detergents).

Crosfield silicates guarantee two vital characteristics in these applications: excellent saponification and deflocculating effect.